The Lundehund is a specialized hunter that can climb sharp cliffs beside the sea and to arrive until narrow cracks to find the nests hiding places of the puffins. For it, it is also known as the Norwegian Dog of puffins or the puffins' Hound (lund in Norwegian puffin means). it is a variety of Spitz, derived of the Elkhound miniature, and it has existed during centuries in two islands in the north coast of Norway. There, their flexible body allows him to explore the corners and cracks in the rock where the puffins nest. In the past the task of this was to pick up the eggs of the puffins and birds in yes that were then eaten by the islanders. It has been recognized in Scandinavia from 1943 but he/she is known little outside of their origin country and few, although if some copy has been exported. It is quite small with a rough, dense mantel, and their color is black, gray or different tones of brown with white. He/she has five functional fingers (instead of the four habitual). The cartilage of the superior part of its ears can join and to close, when the ears are partly erect, what can prevent the entrance of water, and the consequent damage in the hearing. 
Character and cares 
Always attentive and active, the Lundehund is a good hunter and it is also said that he/she is a good partner. He/she should exercise a lot of and he/she needs a daily brushing.

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