The Lˇwchen is also known as Petit Chien Lion (Dog Leˇn) because traditionally he/she was given a lion cut, resemblance to the one that the exhibition Caniche takes. Complete with mane and the cowlick of the line, the Lˇwchen resembles a lion in miniature. He/she is a member of the family Bichˇn, and it is believed that he/she originated in the mediterranean area. It is grateful as a French race, but he/she has been known as much in France as in Spain from final of the XVI one. Most believes that the Lˇwben is the dog included by the Spanish painter, Francisco of Goya (1746-1828), in the square that made to its friend, Alba's duchess. 
Character and cares 
The Lˇwchen is affectionate and intelligent popular in the ring but to the one that you rarely leave going for a walk for the park. He loves the life like company animal yes he/she is given the opportunity, it is a vivacious animal that requires a daily brushing. If he/she has intention of exhibiting their Lˇwchen, it should look for the advice of experts for the cut.

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