Dog Italian Wolf

Of the crossing between an authentic German Shepherd and a female of wild wolf arose, in 1966, the race that today is known with the name of Italian Wolf. Therefore, with a standard one that dates of December 21 1966 and contrarily to what happens with most of races of recent creation, in the formation of the Italian Wolf the direct participation of the wolf has been recognized. According to the Dr. Mario Messi, president of Sefezione Originates him I gave Lupi Italiani, the purity of the race has gone improving from its creation when, in 1966, they crossed a German Shepherd of pure race with a Straight female of wild wolf coming from the High one. From then on they have left happening the works to products based on the law of the big numbers that, directed to improve the purity of the Italian Wolf, they have benefitted the characters of the lupo of the race prodigiously. 
Character and cares 
The Italian Wolf possesses a rustic mantel that doesn't get into a tangle. for that that with few brushings a month can stay under perfect conditions of hygiene. The bathrooms are not very advisable; it is preferable that he takes them same when he feels like it in some river or stream, and dry off in the sun and outdoors. It is not advisable, like in any race that arrives humid to their place of I cover. If we decide to take a bath it ourselves we won't use any smoothing neither special shampoo: it will be enough with using one neuter, because the roughness of its mantel is a characteristic that should not never lose. The abuse and the provocations can alter their natural state. Any accidental thing that could arise should be consulted to Selezione it Originates him I gave Lupi Italiani that will assist any consultation.

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