German race. It is believed in general that the Leonberger arose of the mixture of the Landseer and of the Dog of mountain of the Pyrenees. However there are people that believes that he/she is a descendant of the Tibetan, while other Mastiff they consider it the product of the selective reproduction carried out by Herr Essig of Leonberg. It is said that it crossed the Newfoundland, to the San Bernardo and the Dog of mountain of the Pyrenees to develop it. This race was desolated by the two world wars and it considers it to him strange. He/she didn't go up to 1949 when he/she was recognized a standard to these copies that it defined the differences clearly between the Leonberger and the San Bernardo. The Leonberger has worked in Germany, France, Holland and Belgium like dog of surveillance, protective of flocks, and shot dog, but it has only become well-known outside of these countries quite recently. 
Character and taken care   
Of good nature, intelligent and vivacious, the Leonberger is a watchman of good aspect, taken place starting from races of a solid temperament, of trust. It is essentially a field dog, he/she needs a daily brushing, exercise regular and a lot of space. It is very good with the children, and it delights him the water.

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