Lakeland Terrier 

The Lakeland originally well-known Terrier as Patterdale Terrier, is of the Lake District in the old English county of Cumberland. It was developed so that it protected the sheep of the vixens. To get it, crossings were made among several Terriers, and it is believed that the Terriers contributed Border, Bedlington and Dandie Dinmont, and probably later the Fox Terrier. The result is a practical one and animal brave of work, resemblance to an Airedale Terrier in miniature, which is as small as to continue to a piece until inside the burrow. Although he/she worked with the local hunters during years, he/she didn't appear in the exhibitions up to 1912. After the first world war he/she was formed a society for the race that was recognized by the Canine Society in Great Britain in 1912. In 1964, tin Lakeland Terrier, Champion Stingray of Derryabah, won the Prize to the best in the Sample in the Crufis Dog Show in London and, one year later, repeated its victory in the Westminster Dog Show in New York. 

Character and cares 
It has retained their sport instincts but even so it is an excellent company animal he/she gives a governable size, since he/she is a good small and affectionate guardian with the children. Nevertheless, it is a very alive dog, and he/she needs a good quantity of exercise. Their mantel requires a daily brushing and, if one has intention of exhibiting it, he/she will be had to clip the hair three times a year. 

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