Farmer Retriever

In spite of their association to Great Britain, the Farmer Retriever arrived there in 1830 with fishermen from Newfoundland that used them to help them to extend the nets. The count of Malmesbury, of the one that as it seems they take the name, their first Farmer bought in 1870 to a fisherman that went from Newfoundland to Poole, Dorset. The Farmer's great expert was the countess Howe whose dog, Champion Bramshaw Bob, became a champion in the field tests in Great Britain and it won the Best twice in Show in Crufts. During a time they were black. The yellow Farmers are now many more popular, although to contemplate in the field one black it is a pleasure. Unfortunately, there is so much mixture in the black ones that the beauty of a black Farmer of pure race is very little outside of the sport circles and of exhibition. It continues being among the most popular dogs. Of first for the hunt and good swimmer, it is ideal to combine sport partner's paper and company animal. He/she is also a valuable competitor in the tests of obedience, he/she has many participants in the ring and he/she works like guide for the blind men. 
Character and taken care   
Exuberant when it is young, but easy of training, the Farmer is good with the children and he/she seems rarely to enter in problems. He/she needs a lot of exercise and a regular brushing. One can have at home as company animal or in an external kennel.

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