Kuvasz Húngaro

The Hungarian Kuvasz settled down many centuries ago in Hungary, and he/she has found the road to China, India, Tibet and Turkey. He/she resembles the Slovak Kuvasz a lot and, also, to the Polish Shepherd or Owczarek Podhalanski; These three that are considered different races in their native countries, are in fact members of the same race of shepherds. To the Polish types and Slovak is sometimes called dogs Tatry for the mountainous mountain range that reflects among the two countries, and where he makes a lot that they are established the two types. 
Character and cares 
Well done, intelligent and vivacious, the Hungarian Kuvasz is an excellent guardian - the name Kuvasz comes from the word Turkish kavas (warder) -. it has Also been used for the biggest hunt. To the Kuvasz it can be had as company animal, but he/she distrusts of the strangers. He/she needs a lot of exercise and a daily brushing so that he/she has an orderly aspect.

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