dog of Canaan or Komondor

The Komondor is known from 1555, he/she has been used during centuries to protect livestock and the properties of the plunderers and thieves in the Hungarian plains. He/she has worked in company of other dogs or alone, first as shepherd of the sheep Hungarian partly-savages, and later protecting anyone that needed of a big dog that guided him as guardian. The race was recognized in EE UU in 1937, but it is still quite strange in western Europe and it has only been made notice in the British exhibitions during the last 10 years. Very strong and agile for their size, the Komondor is resistant, healthy and it tolerates the changes of temperature well. It is fingernail race that can made a mistake never for another for their totally white mantel of hanging strands, or strings that some think that it seems a kitchen-maid of old strings. The strings of the mantel form kind of a mat that he/she has a similar tact to that of felt. 
Character and taken care   
The Komondor is a natural protector and he/she will keep, until taking a risk its life, lambs and I vaccinate, or children and other puppies if he/she is granted the paper of company animal in the family. While it is very faithful to their human family, it is distrusted with the strangers, he/she doesn't take well the joke and, if he/she doesn't pay himself attention to a warning grunt, it can attack without warning. The copies of this race need a lot of exercise and a meticulous toilet.

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