King Charles Spaniel

In USA and Canada, this popular race is known as Toy English Spaniel and the name King Charles he/she is only given to the black variety and toast. Although it is generally believed that the King Charles Spaniel is English, its history goes back to the Japan of the year 2000 aC. The lightly bigger Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which has the same origin, was very popular in the English court of the XVI century. Then the fashion of the dogs of short nose arrived, and the King arose Charles Spaniel. It is said that the King Carlos 11(1630-1685) (King Charles) it was so fond of these small Spaniels that interrupted the state matters frequently to be able to caress them and to play with them, and there is a law in England that has not still been canceled that allows to a King Charles Spaniel to go to any place. 
Character and cares 
This small Spaniel is a delicious company animal, good with the children, amusing, and able of adapting its exercise necessities to its owner's possibilities. It should be brushed every day with a sow brush, and it is advisable to maintain the next area to their eyes it cleans with towels for eyes.

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