Australian Kelpie 

The Australian Kelpie or Australian shepherd's Dog descends of the Collies of short hair and erect ears cared from Scotland to Australia toward final of last century. It is believed that among the ancestors of this race it is also included the you Hear English Sheepdog. The mating of a couple of collies produced a well-known female as Gleeson's Kelpie. A called dog Caesar, also of a cared group, it was matched up with Gleeson's Kelpie and to a puppy of this litter he/she was called King's Kelpie for the female. The word Kelpie was adopted this way for the race. In the Scottish foldore, a lelpie is a spirit of the water with horse form, and the Scottish writer, Robert Louis Stevenson refers to the kelpie of the water in his famous one I liberate Kidrapped, giving even more credibility to the Scottish ancestors of the race. The Kelpie is a stupendous shepherd, very hard-working; with capacity to stay without water during considerable periods. It is also famous to run above the backs of the lambs to arrive to the head of the flock. Although it has always been very well-known in Australia, it has arrived to the knowledge of the rest of fans during the years 80, and it is now recognized in Britain and USA they Pray 
Character and taken care   
The Kelpie is a good shepherd and loyal partner. He/she needs a lot of exercise and a vigorous brushing newspaper.

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