The Keeshond (plural Kees­hunden that is pronounced “kayshond”) it has been known as Fik, dog hunter of foxes, Dutch barge dog and even as fat Pomerano in the Victorian England. Their modern name comes from a dog of this race that belongs in the XVIII century to the Dutch Kees of Gyselaer. As other races of Spitzs, the Keeshond is believed that he/she comes from an arctic race. It became popular in Holland like people's of the barges partner and I eat guardian dog. In 1905, Miss Hamilton-Fletcher, later Mrs. Wingfield-Digby, fixed it to take some puppies to England. In 1923 two of their dogs they fried shown in the Birmingham National Dog Show like Dogs Holandesesde Barge. The Society of Dutch Dogs of Barge (now the Society of the Keeshond) he/she was formed in 1930 and, in 1928, they already offered Certificates of Aptitude for the race. In 1920 the Dutch fans noticed her again. Nevertheless, the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationále) he/she has not wanted to accept the standard that has settled down for these copies, believing that the Keeshond is identical to the German Wolfspitz. Character and taken care   
Of good nature and it releases life the Keeshond it spreads to be a loyal dog to a single person. He/she needs daily toilet with a hard brush, and a good quantity of exercise. The sliding belt that is usually used to take out them to run will ruin the coat of the copies of this race.

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