Hound Suizo

The Hounds of olfaction or Laufhunde of Switzerland include the Swiss Hound (Schweizer Laufhund), the Hound bernés (Berner laufhund) and the Hound lucemés (Luzerner Laufhund). The Hounds of the Jura (Bruno from Jura and Saint Hubert Jura) very similar and closely related. There are also species of shorter paws of all these Hounds, been able when crossing the Dachshund with these last ones, to develop specific hunters for certain types of lands. They are used to hunt deer and foxes. The predecessors of the Laufhunde go back to before the Christian era when dogs of hunt of similar types were taken to the south of Europe by the Greeks and Phoenicians, and they extended to Switzerland when it was low the Roman empire. During the Half Age, they had become quite similar to the current one just as it is shown in the illustrations of the XII century that you/they adorn the cathedral of Zurich. The Swiss modern Hounds, bernés and lucernés are very similar as for their abilities, character and appearance, except for the color of the mantel. They have good olfaction, a great resistance and they will work in any land. They are some excellent bloodhounds and they are used to hunt a great variety of pieces, among them the hare, the fox and the deer. 
Character and cares 
The Laufhunde is calm partners but with a strong instinct of hunters and a valid constitution, for what you/they are not adapted as company animals. They need a lot of exercise, and they should be cleaned with a mitten for dogs, and with a brush to give them polishes to the varieties of rough hair. 

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