Hound Siciliano

The Sicilian Hound is also known as the Cirneco dell'Etna by the volcano, the mount Etna, in the Italian island of Sicily. You created that it was taken from Egypt to Sicily, about 3.000 years ago, by the Phoenicians. They have the reputation of having carried out a profitable trade in Greyhounds and other Hounds of developed view that bought in Asia and África and they discharged in the ports and islands of the Aegean and of the Mediterranean, including Sicily. This old race of Hounds of view is smaller than its obvious relatives the Pharaoh and the Hound ibicenco. The longitude of its muzzle is approximately that of its skull, its eyes are oval and deep, and its short mantel and I die. It is a mysterious Hound, with sage's aspect and that some say that he/she has supernatural powers, it is good for more practical purposes as capturing the rabbits, the hares and other pieces in the hillsides of the Etna. Character and cares 
The Sicilian Hound is a calm hunter with excellent olfaction, even if in a principle it is one of developed view. He/she will adapt to the paper of company animal. Their mantel needs few cares. Their ethereal aspect hides a strong constitution.  


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