Heeler of Lancashire

The Heeler of Lancashire has been known during many years in its origin county in England like sport dog and frightening of small animals. As he/she suggests their English name, it was developed to direct to the bovine livestock nibbling their paws, but he/she also has a strong instinct of Terrier and he/she is an excellent conejero and thief. It is small, and their black mantel with marks toasts. This race was not very well-known outside of the north of England before the years 80. They gave him a temporary standard for the British Kenrel Club in 1986, and for luck, at the moment they are beginning to appear copies in training classes and in local exhibitions of excuse as well as in championships. 
Character and taken care   
The Heeler of Lancashire is a small cheerful and affectionate dog that is taken well with the humans and other company animals. He/she needs a half quantity of exercise and a daily brushing.

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