Harrier Hound

The names of this old English race he/she comes from the Norman word that means (hunt dog for everything), its ancestors can have arrived to the banks of Great Britain with Guillermo's armies Norman invaders the Conqueror in 1066. The first pack of Harriers settled down in England in 1260, it descended of the old Talbot and of Hounds Saint Hubert, possibly crossed with a Hound Basset type. The Harrier is a very quick Hound with a lot of resistance, a short and soft mantel, fallen ears and long line. The packs were used in their majority for the hare and the hunter bigger than these it would raise the most appropriate selectively for the local land. The Harrier one usually has in pack. It is strange at the moment, even in the United Kingdom, and it is not recognized by the British Kennel Club. 
Character and cares 
It is usually kind and of good temperament. It should be cleaned occasionally. 

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