Hanover Hound

The Hanover Hound or Hannoverischer Schweisshund is a descendant of very heavy German bloodhounds that you/they were closely related with the Saint Hubert Hound and they developed similar tasks to those of the Bloodhound in England or to those of the Saint Hubert Hound in France. From the century V, this predecessor was made leader of the pack and correspondent like advance party to lift the hunt for his fine olfaction. It would follow a cold rake and the hint of wounded animals. Around 1800, near Hanover, the hunters crossed the old German bloodhound with the slightest they Have Hound (Harzerbracke) for produ­cir a quicker bloodhound. The Hanover inherited of its previous Bloodhounds its fine olfaction, its sad expression and the characteristic pleats of the skin. 
Character and cares 
Very valued by the keepers and hunt guards in Germany, the Hanover Hound is calm and of all trust, very loyal to its owner. He/she needs a lot of exercise and that he/she is rubbed the mantel from time to time with a mitten for dogs. 

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