The Hamiltonstóvare or Hamilton Houndes called this way by the count Adolf Patrick Hamilton, founder of the Swedish Canine Society who traced the standard almost one century ago for this race. This bloodhound of half size, used to lift the hunt in the forests of Sweden, is the result of the crossings among the English Foxhound, the Holstein Hound, the Hanoverian Haidbrackt and the Beagles of Hanover and Kurland (now extinct). it is at the moment the most popular bloodhound in his origin country and it has gotten international publicity in the last 20 years, becoming a popular competitor in the ring. 
Character and cares 
This elegant, affectionate and intelligent dog is a good partner that one can have inside house, whenever he receives a lot of exercise. He/she is trained easily and he/she needs daily toilet with glove.

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