It is also known as Bichón havanés and I eat Dog of Silk of the Havana, for their long mantel and I loose that gives him an aspect in certain way mystic. He/she is a member of the family Bichón, a group of dogs Toy native of the area of the Mediterranean and that it includes the Bolognese one, Maltese and Bichón I rubbed. Anyone of these it can be the less well-known of the ancestors of the havanes, but the legend says that it descends of Bolognese dogs taken by peasants of the Italian region from Emilia to Argentina. There the Bolognese one was crossed with a small Caniche, creating this way a new type of Bichón. Accidentally it arrived in Cuba, where it became very popular among the wealthy class of the Havana. 
Character and cares 
The havanés is intelligent, serious and calm more than alive or excessively affectionate and he/she lives to please its owner. He/she doesn't need a lot of exercise but yes a considerable quantity of brushing and hairstyle, although non arrangements neither hairdressers.

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