Grifón Nivernais

The Grifón Nivernais or Griffon Nivernais Louis Flock descends of the Saint. The packs of these hairy bloodhounds were used to hunt wolves and boars in central France; but when going diminishing the quantity of hunt more big, several crossings, even one with a called Foxhound Archer, produced a bloodhound used in general for smaller pieces. He/she was called Grifon­Vendéen-Nivernais, but toward final of last century the word Vendéen was omitted. For then the Nivernais was in extinction danger, but he/she survived thanks to the efforts of a small group of fans, and it was recognized officially in 1930. 
Character and cares 
This big, plump dog, of grieved aspect and fleecy he/she has a more resistant constitution that quick. It is valiant, affectionate and a good company. Their long mantel needs a regular toilet with comb and brush, and a lot of exercise. 

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