Grifón of Woolly Hair

To the grifón of Woolly Hair, Grifón prompter of long mantel or Griffon á Poil Laineux is also called Boulet Griffon for Emanuel Boulet, it is a long and lightly smaller mantel version, of the Pointing Grifón of Hard Hair. an industrial one French that the Griffon of woolly hair got in the XIX century with the help of León Vernier. The resulting race seems a crossing among the Pointing Griffon of hard hair (Korthals Griffón) and the French Setter or Braque. It is of the same size that the Kort hals Griffon, with head of Pointer and a similar mantel to that of the Braque but silkier and softer, as that of the Afghan Their color is a brown one out, described as dead leaf. The male and female, of Boulet, Marco and Myra, they became international champions and they are in the pedigrees of most of the Grifones of current woolly hair. This kind, obedient Grifón is a hunt dog for everything with a fine olfaction and a great resistance power. 
Character and cares 
Their good temperament also makes it a good company animal. He/she needs a lot of exercise and to a daily toilet with brush and comb.

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