Grifón of Brussels

The Grifón of Brussels or Griffón Bruxellois, it was exhibited for the first time in the exhibition of Brussels 1880. An old copy is represented in a square of 1434 of the flamenco painter Jan Eyck they go. During a time they had it the drivers of cars simón in the Brussels of the XVII century to drive away the small animals of their stables, but he/she became a company race for their charming character. The Petit Brabancon of soft hair probably owes its existence to the introduction of blood of Pug. Other races, including the Yorkshire and the Irish Terriers, they have contributed undoubtedly the modern Grifones. The Grifón of Brussels of rough hair and the Petit Brabancon of soft hair is grateful as two different races in Europe. In America and in Great Britain, nevertheless, they are exhibited together. 
Character and cares 
This intelligent and cheerful dog, with his character of Terrier, is a good partner. The Grifón has never suffered the excess of popularity of some races and it is a good family election. The mantel of the rough one requires a lot of attention, but the mantels of the alone dogs dedicated to company they can intersect.

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