Briquet Grifón Vendéen

The Briquet Grifón Vendéen a Hound of half size of the region of Vendée in France. The modern race was established around 1910. It is popular in Europe as much as bloodhound like hunt dog, he/she is used for the hunt he/she gives the hare like to the Grand and the Basset Grifon Vendéen, since is a smaller version of this. Strong, quick, agile, this Hound belongs to small packs, or he/she is used to hunt alone, in its origin country. It is very popular there, but not very well-known in other places. 
Character and cares 
It is valiant and of good temperament, but difficult to manage. He/she is usually had as member of a pack and the professionals take care of it You the hunt. He/she needs a considerable quantity of exercise, and a regular toilet with comb and brush to avoid him to be entangled the mantel. 

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