Petit Basset Grifón Vendéen

The Basset Petit Grifón Vendéen is a Hound paticorto of rough hair, developed in the district of Vendée in the Southwest of France. He/she was raised starting from the Grarid Grifón Vendéen, a bigger variety that was used originally in France for the hunt of the wolf and now it is used to capture the boar. The Basset Petit Grifón~Vendéen has been descripto for Monsiéur P. Doubigne, an expert in this race, as a Basset miniature reduced proportionally in size but retaining all its qualities (passion For the hunt, not to be afraid in the densest hiding places, activity and vigor). At the moment he/she is used for the rabbit and the free one but he/she can with more pieces. It is very popular in France, especially in their region it would originate of Vendée. It has been popularized in the ring of exhibitions of Great Britain and it is also recognized in USA 
Character and cares 
This dog so attractive is a good company animal whenever he carries out a lot of exercise. He/she needs little toilet and it considers the humans their friends. 

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