One can affirm that the Greyhound is the purest race in the earth, because it seems that it has changed little of the first ones represented in the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Also the distinction of being mentioned in the Sacred Bible in Salomón's Book. This species possibly found its road to Afghanistan, where its mantel became thicker to support the coldest climate, and it was taken then by the Celtic ones to Great Britain. It became favorite of the nobility in that country, and in the England of the XI centuries to the XIV one, it was only allowed to have one to people of real blood or blue blood. He/she has a great view and it is able to reach a great speed, this type was very well valued as corridor and, more recently, as competitor in the circuits of careers. The Greyhounds is still used everywhere as dogs of careers, and now they appear regularly in the ring. 
Character and cares 
He/she has tendency to hunt any thing that moves, but it is also a kind and loyal animal, good with the children. Even the former-corridors when not being trained, are a good company animal and often of long life. He/she needs a daily brushing and to train regularly in hard earth, it occupies relatively little space, having preference for their special corner.

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