Hungarian Greyhound

The Hungarian Greyhound or Magiar Agar, has a history that can go back at least until the century IX when very similar dogs to him were represented in the tablets of its native Hungary. Their ancestors were Asian Houns that arrived in Hungary with the Magiares, and crusaders with local hounds. Of great speed and beauty the Agar is used to hunt and to kill as much to hares as to vixens in its homeland. In the century IXX crossings were made with English Greyhound, to get quicker dogs and for the second world war, he/she is considered that the blood of these would be already present in all the Agars. From then on the breeders from Hungary, they have been working to return to the type of origen.  
Character and cares 
As most of the Greyhounds Hungarian is kind and affectionate by nature, and therefore a calm one and animal loyalist of company, once he/she has made forget its training and he/she is maintained far from the corrals and the flocks. He/she needs little toilet, but very intense regular exercise. It should be sheltered when he/she is dried to the exterior in winter, since it possesses fine mantel and it feels the cold.


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