Great Danish

Great Danish is among the races of dogs that it reaches more height, and it is known in its native Germany as Deutsche Dogge (German Mastiff). This sculptural dog, to which refer often as the Apollo of the world of the dogs, has existed in Great Britain during many centuries, and it is said that he is a descendant of the Molossus of the old Rome. In the Half Age, era used as boar hunter, partner and bodyguard, and he/she also interpreted their paper in the fights with bulls. Around 1800 the chancellor from Germany, Bismarck who had a special interest in the Mastiffs, crossed the Mastiff of the south of Germany and Great Danish of the north producing some similar dogs to Danish that we know at the moment. They were exhibited for the first time in Hamburg in 1863 first floor the varieties different from, Ulmer Dogge and Danisch Dogge. Then, in 1876, it was decreed that the race should be exhibited under the only heading of Deutsche Dogge, and cl national dog of Germany was proclaimed. The Deutsche Doggen Klub was formed in 1888. The Great Damaged Club it had already been formed in Great Britain, in 1882, and the race had been registered by the British Kennel Club from the year 1884. 
Character and taken care   
Race is in spite of their size it should not be left in an external kennel, but staying interior enel as a member of the family. Great Danish is by nature good, playful and easy of training. Nevertheless, it should not be deceived or he/she can interpret bad the actions. He/she needs regular exercise in hard earth and their mantel requires a daily brushing. A sad fact for the proprietors of this majestic race is that he/she only lives 8 or 9 years of stocking.

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