Golden Retriever

There is some controversy around the origin of the Golden. A history says that, in 1858, sir Dudley Marjoribanks (later lord Tweedmouth) he/she saw a group of eight dogs Russian shepherds acting in a circus in Brighton, place of vacations in the beach, in England. It was so impressed with them that, after the performance, he/she came closer to the owner and he/she offered him to buy two of them. The offer was declined saying that the circus performance would be ruined if they divided to the group, then sir Dudley agreed to buy the eight dogs. In accordance with this history, this group was the stock on the one that the Golden Retriever,  was laid the foundation they were introduced blood of Bloodhound. Although this Popular history still persists, it is more commonly than the Golden believed Retriever Spaniel it descends of a line of Retriever born in its lordship's Scottish property. 
Character and taken care   
The Golden Retriever combines sportsman's partner's papers and company animal ideally, being a dog of excellent hunt, with a calm and kind temperament with the children. This beautiful animal is also popular in the exhibitions and he works well in the competitions of obedience. Needing a brushing regular and enough exercise, the Golden is more appropriate for a field atmosphere. He/she will adapt however, to the urban atmosphere whenever they are provided good walks and have a roomy garden.

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