Glen of Imaal

This Terrier of short paws is derived of the Glen of Imaal in the county of Wicklow, Ireland, where it has existed during a lot of time. It was used to drive away the small, included animals the vixen and the badger, and in fights of dogs. The hunt of the badger and you reread them of dogs they are illegal now, but they are continued using their other abilities. The Glen of Imaal received the official recognition as race in its own country in 1933. Now also it is recognized by the Bntish Kennel Club but it continues being not very well-known outside of their native country. 
Character and cares 
At the moment, it can be to the Glen of Imaal in general as company animal and/or working as Terrier in the farms Irish and small properties. It is affectionate, brave, good with cough children and very playful. To maintain their charming aspect of (woolly dog) it only requires a good brushing newspaper.

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