Spanish greyhound

The Spanish Greyhound or Spanish Greyhound are an old race whose ancestors are believed that they were brought many centuries ago by the Phoenicians. Favored by the Spanish nobility, they are used mainly for the careers. It is smaller and lightly stronger than the English Greyhound. There is also a variety angloespañola been able when crossing it with the English Greyhound, to dedicate it to the careers. The anglo-Spanish one is nearer apparently to the English Greyhound but he/she has the darkest eyes and the longest line. 
Character and cares 
As all the Greyhounds, the Spanish Greyhound is a kind dog that if it is not trained, it is a good company animal, whenever one is careful around the livestock. The Greyhounds that are had for the careers are accustomed to live in small spaces and a puppy of Greyhound adapts at once a house of half size to be. The regular exercise is more important than the speed or the traveled distance and it requires a regular brushing. 

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