American Foxhound

The American Foxhound is descending of the English Foxhounds taken to Maryland, USA for Robert Brooke in 1650. These were crossed later with other British Hounds and French to obtain dogs very adapted to the hunts of red vixens. George Washington is also known to have cared Foxhounds of England around 1770 and to have received as several gift French Hounds in 1785. A pack of Ireland was introduced in 1830. The Gloucester Foxhunting Club (been founded in 1808) and the Baltimore Club obtained the best type in English Foxhounds and they used them as foundations for a stock. While English one never has cohabiting with a family or it is exhibited but it is in special exhibitions for Hounds, the most energetic American is popular in the samples as well as a very valued hunt dog. 
Character and cares 

Have good temperament, but it can become less attentive and more independent when becoming bigger. He/she needs a great quantity of exercise. He/she is not cleaned as if it was a company animal, and he/she is only passed occasionally a sponge before a sample of Hounds. 

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