English Foxhound

The English Foxhound is a descendant of the heaviest - Saint Hubert Hounds and another extinguished Hound, the Talbot. The Hounds Saint Hubert takes the name of the bishop of Lieja, Saint Hubúrt, the patron saint of the hunters, and they were taken to England by the Norman invaders in the XI century. Their main function is to hunt foxes beside the men to horse. He/she can work during several hours without rest and in several land types. Character and cares 
In Great Britain, the strong, vivacious and noisy English Foxhound one never has as company animal but rather they are in private packs. In Great Britain, you/they cannot be bought, individually and, to difference, of the American Foxhound, they are not exhibited unless it is in special exhibitions of Hounds. It is, nevertheless, possible some vecéses for fond of the hunt to walk a puppy, and to accustom it to the dangers of the street, before returning it to the pack. 

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