Fox Terrier (Mini)

The Fox Terrier of flat hair began being stable dog that hunted small animals. It probably descends of Terriers in the English counties of Cheshire and Shropshite with something of blood added Beagte. That of hard hair that is a great hunter of rabbits, is native of the mining areas of the coal of Durham and Derbyshire in England, and in Wales. And I eat their names they imply, they will also pursue the vixen. During many years cough Fox Terrier of hard and flat hair, they were raised together, without keeping in mind the mantel. The best in hair five pesetas were of the mating of a Fox Terrier of called flat hair Jock with a female of unknown antecedents, but definitively of hard, called hair Trap. To the flat one he/she was given their own registration in 1876, three years after you offered the Búúsh Kennel Club, but their likeness continue being the same ones. Both varieties were very looked for in Great Britain in the years 30. Sadly, now they are seen less. That of hair five pesetas is more popular than their relative of flat hair, to which you rarely leave outside of the ring of exhibitions. 
Character and cares 
They are affectionate and adiestrables, and the ideal partner of a boy to look for rabbits. That of flat hair needs daily toilet with a brush duro,y an arrangement before the exhibitions. That of hair five pesetas needs that he/she is fixed the mantel by hand three times a year, and to be cleaned regularly. 



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