Field Spaniel 


The Field Spaniel has the same origin that the Cocker Spaniel being, in fact, a bigger family of this, the first litters sometimes te­nían of both. Then, in 1892, they separated the two varieties. While he/she improved a lot the Cocker, the Field Spaniel was raised to have a body exaggeratedly long and short paws, and its popularity and quantity of copies diminished quickly. In 1948 the Field Spaniel Society was reformed in Great Britain and it was carried out a considerable quantity of work for enthusiastic fans. This had a standard of a proportionate better type as a result, in evolution that is getting, since know each other very beautiful copies. In spite of this, the Field Spaniel rarely leaves in its country native filera of the ring. It is recognized in U.S but there are very few registered copies. 
Character and taken care   
He/she has a balanced temperament and it is a good company animal and hunt dog. As to other Spaniels, he loves to exercise a lot of, and he/she needs a brushing and hairstyle newspapers, being careful that their mantel doesn't get entangled.

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