The gray Norwegian Elkhound has probably existed in its native Scandinavia during one millennium. The archaeologists have discovered bones of similar dogs dated around the 5.000 - 4.000 aC. Their task was to look for an elk and to maintain it low control until its master entered to kill. It was exhibited for the first time in 1877, when the Association of Norwegian Hunters began to celebrate exhibitions. In 1923, the British was formed FUchotaid Club and it was recognized officially by the British Kennet Club. The association of the Elkhound Nortiego of America was recognized by the American Kennel Club around 1930. There is an Elkhound miniature although there still is not available a standard for the race. There is also other black, but it is very not very well-known outside of their native Norway. The Elkhound is at the same time; hunter, shepherd and sled dog. 
Character and cares 
Although something mischievous in their youth, the Elkhound it is generally an animal of company of good temperament, of trust with the children and that he/she doesn't smell of dog. It requires him to be brushed and comb daily and to exercise a lot of.

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