Only differentiated of their homonym of flat hair in the size and the hair type, the Drahthaar is also very popular outside of its origin country, for example in Italy or Spain. It is a race of very recent origins, created artificially (in fact, discovered) starting from the German Braco of flat hair, with influences of the Stichelhaar and of some grifones. These last ones only affected the Drahthaar in the hair type, to which provided more roughness, with smaller longitude in the beard and in the brows that the Stichelhaar. Their creation dates of principles of the XX century, although its current fame began at the end of the Second World War, when they were discovered its undeniable gifts. The Braco is of medium size, of distinguished exterior, not very visible color, with the very hard hair that covers the skin totally. Of intelligent expression; alive temperament, faithful and energetic. The proportions of the body, the musculature, the tendons and the articulations should allow him to run with agility and to endow it of great resistance. It possesses a strong, impetuous and very restless character that together to their considerable gifts as sample dog make of him the suitable animal for all lover of the hunt without big complications. In some hunt circles it is considered as one of the best dogs for this sport: as an all-terrain vehicle. The Drahthaar accepts with pleasure any mission, for chancy that is; during the hunt he/she doesn't have obstacles: for him, there are not undergrowths, rivers or thorns that can brake it. 
Character and cares 
This peculiarity is also reflected in the homelike environment, where the dog achieves, without hardly efforts, to happen inadvertent. 

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