Bulldog of Bordeaux

The Bulldog of Bordeaux or French Mastiff is also known as the Bulldog of Burgos in Spain and the Neapolitan Mastino in Italy. Lately it has occupied an outstanding place internationally for the appearance of a copy of this race in a tear movie of Hollywood, nevertheless, it has been appreciated in France for a long time, where he/she is the national watchman. Of an old lineage, the Bulldog of Bordeaux is believed that he is a descendant of the Tibetan Mastiff and of the Molossus brought by the old ones Roman. This impressive and attractive race file used to protect the flocks of bears and wolves, and, later, in fights with bulls and other dogs. In more recent times he/she is had as guardian and partner. 
Character and taken care   
Of good and calm temperament, the Bulldog of Bordeaux is a watchman and guardian of first class, and an affectionate partner that it is usually good with the children. However, it is a powerful animal, and it is not adapted for a callow proprietor.

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