Argentinean bulldog

The singularity, as much for its presence as for its character, of the Argentinean Bulldog has propitiated in great measure its diffusion toward diverse European countries as Germany and Holland. The Argentinean Bulldog is unmistakable: it possesses a fixed and studied look, the white, short mantel and of an admirable color, a very developed olfaction and a strong jaws and endowed with powerful muscles, characteristic for those that should be considered, in the first place, an exceptional prey dog. By means of repeated crossings between the Bulldog and the Mastiff you creó in the county of Córdoba a race dedicated to the fights of dogs. At the end of the XIX century he/she was born, because, a specially fierce dog, an animal strong and biting called Cordovan Dog of Prey. Later on, already entered the XX century, the doctor Agustín Lives Kingfishers it was able to improve it crossing it with ten different races until getting the current Argentinean Bulldog. The first standard of the race he/she was carried out in 1928, what denotes with clarity the speed with which they noticed the types. These were some of the races used by the doctor you Live to get their objective: the Pointer, for their olfaction; the German Bulldog, for their size; the Spanish Mastiff, for their power; the Boxer, for their nerve; the Bullterrier and the Bulldog, for their thoracic width; the Bulldog of Bordeaux, for their muscular mass; the mountain of the Pirineo, for their whiteness; and the Irish Wolfhound, for their speed. In spite of enjoying an outstanding international prestige, the Argentinean Bulldog was not recognized by the Federation Cinológica Argentina and the Rural Society until 1964, and his official inscription in the F.C.I. it didn't become effective up to 1973. 
Character and cares 
Above all it is necessary to point out the necessity that the Argentinean Bulldog carries out daily exercise outdoors. In fact, as much the exercise as the hunt are indispensable for their development and balance. Contrarily to what could make suppose, the texture of its coat resists to the perfection outdoors the life, although it is subjected to low temperatures. He/she needs an abundant meal and, although it possesses a not very delicate stomach, this should always be balanced. Toward the three or four months of age the ears can be cut and to expose the wounds outdoors, already what they will heal with easiness. This operation will carry out it a specialist, since, besides supposing a risk, the form in that he/she is carried out this cut will influence directly in the possibility of participating in the canine exhibitions. The purpose that took to the creation of the Argentinean Bulldog, the fight of dogs, conditioned the formation of the character of this race. The males are very dominant, while the females, more cavalier than the first ones, they are shown extremely aggressive in the face of the dangers. All the characteristics, so much physical as psychic, of the Argentinean Bulldog they transform it into a perfect prey dog. It is necessary to highlight their docility to the training that allows their master to dominate the value, the speed and the resistance that characterize it easily. The intuition is one of the attributes that more they contribute to get an easy training. He/she only reacts in the face of the danger and it detects soon after when it is a simple game. The breeders of the Argentinean Bulldog constantly determine to foment the aptitudes of this race so functional: at the present time the Bulldog is used as hunt dog, as guardian dog and, mainly, as prey dog. The value of the Argentinean Bulldog is infinite, he/she doesn't stop before any attacker; it is more: their behavior can end up being terrible when it acts in group. They hunt with a great understanding and intelligence, remembering the chore of the wolves. On the contrary, this race transforms its character completely before his becoming an excellent company dog.

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