Germany bulldog

The German Bulldog (that, in fact, it should be known as Alano to have lost the characteristic solid aspect of the bulldogs), it is a dog of aristocratic and cavalier behavior. However, their gigantic size transforms it into an animal something clumsy. In compensation, it possesses a lot of muscular force that is evidenced especially when he/she walks. Diverse theories exist about the origins of the German Bulldog. According to some cinólogos that also know it with Great Danish's name, he/she in fact comes from that Nordic country and Hund descends of the Lanks. For other, on the other hand, their origin is necessary to suppose it in the United Kingdom and its ancestors would be the English alanos, dogs of imposing behavior that appear at the beginning of the XIX century represented in some paintings beside the big gentlemen of the aristocracy. Another theory locates the Alano like a dog of natural hunt in Russia, and of the one that you/they would originate different types of bulldogs (all them already extinct at the present time) as the Bulldog of Wúrttemberg, the Bulldog Hatzruden, the Bulldog of UIm, the Tiger Dog and the German Mastiff. Lastly there is a hypothesis, less probable, according to which has their more remote roots in the stout mastiffs of Assyria of the German Bulldog or of the India that you/they would have arrived in Germany in the course of the multiple trips of the Phoenicians through the Mediterranean. Leaving to a side all the previous theories, the certain thing is that the Germans obtained the current morphology of the bulldog crossing anyone of those old types with copies of other races, perhaps harriers, mastiffs or even dogs type pointer. Be which outside of the three, the result is always better: the German Bulldog leads harriers and pointers as for bony strength and size of the head, at the same time that his size is higher, its more stylized silhouette and its stronger muscles that those of the mastiffs. At the present time the German Bulldog is a completely homogeneous race, of great muscular, compact and square force. Five varieties of German Bulldog that compete had separated in the contests because of the different pigmentation of the mantel exist: black, blue, striped, harlequins and tawny. The best estimate of this race they are, today per today, in the United States. 
Character and cares 
The main problem that the proprietor of a German Bulldog should assist will be that of the growth of the puppy. We are before a dog of big dimensions, about eighty centimeters to the cross, and for we will have it problems if we forget that the growth is very quick.

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