The Doberman was developed around 1880 by Luis Doberman of Apolda in Thuringia, Germany that, in turn, he/she was the caretaker of the local kennel. He/she wanted a ferocious dog, of short mantel, of half-big size, with courage and resistance, and it developed this race starting from the German Pins­cher that was such a dynamic dog as aggressive. To this the Rottweiler introduced him with its resistance and ability to follow a hint, the Terrier of Manchester that was then a bigger animal, of who inherited its marks the Doberman, and possibly also the Pointer. The Society National German of the Doberman Pinscher was formed by Otto Goller in 1899, and the race was recognized officially, dándosele a standard as such in 1900. He/she didn't go up to 1948 when you forms the Society of the Doberman Pinscher in Great Britain, and soon after he/she received the recognition of the British Kennel Club. 
Character and taken care   
The Doberman is good for the exhibitions, competitions of obedience and as company animal for the family, but he/she needs somebody with knowledge that it trains him, he/she distrusts of the strangers and it is constantly in guard. He/she needs exercise, and it should be fixed every other day.

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