The Scottish Deerhound is the emblem of the Canine Society in Scotland. It is also represented thoroughly in the novelist's writings, sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) who referred to their female Maida, as "the most perfect creature in the sky", and it was the British painter's favorite topic, Edwin Landseer (1802-1873). One of the oldest British races, the Deerhound can have arrived in Scotland with the merchants Phoenicians around 3.000 years ago, and starting from there it developed its thick resistant mantel to the bleakness to combat the coldest climate. Very similar Hounds existed certainly there in the first centuries. He/she became in favorite of the bosses of the clans of the high lands of Scotland, hunting with them during the day and adorning their living rooms at night. Then, with the arrival of the rifles with chamber, the use of this as hunter arrived to its end. Nevertheless it continues having a group of unconditional fans. 
Character and cares 
At the moment, it is used to hunt, he/she has good participants in the exhibitions, and it is an animal of faithful, very loyal company and with a lot of energy, although kind at home, he/she needs a careful training to stay calm beside the flocks, since it can kill them when they are wakened up their hunter instincts. With their hairy mantel, it is not hard to have it in fact in external kennel, he doesn't like intense heat. He/she needs a lot of exercise but a minimum of toilet exactly and to remove him the dead hair for the exhibitions.

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