Dog of Prey Canary

The Dog of Prey Canary is a true luck to be able to speak about a race that hardly one decade ago was on the edge of his total disappearance. The mixture of different lines of blood gave place to a disparate evolution that didn't take in being catastrophic. The islands Canaries were in the XVI century a geographical center where they crossed all the commercial routes of the time. This privileged situation favored the arrival of mediterranean prey dogs to the archipelago canary. But the true fixation of the Prey Canary like race took place starting from crossings among the dog Bardino Majorero and English preys, especially Bulldog and Mastiff, taken to Canaries by English colonists toward the XIX century. Their aspect denotes power and its look is severe. It is specially gifted for guard's function and defense and traditionally for the conduction of bovine livestock. Their temperament is impetuous, and he/she is a skilled fighter, tendency that shows for atavism. He/she has a serious and deep bark, and it is meek and nobleman in family and distrustful with the strangers. 
The presence of the first English merchants in the islands was fundamental for the fixation of the character of the Preys Canaries. The Englishmen contributed them the essential sign to differentiate them of the Hispanic remaining preys: their use in the combats. This English contribution has made of the Dog of Prey Canary a singular animal, born to combat with its relatives.

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