Great Swiss dog of mountain

The Swiss Dog of Great mountain or Grosser Schweizer Senpenhund is the biggest in the four Swiss mountain dogs, although the good known one internationally is the Bernés. It is believed that all descend of the Molossus, taken to the north by the armies of the old Rome, and of dogs local shepherds. They were used as guardians, shepherds and shot dogs. The Great Swiss, being an extremely robust dog with the fourth very strong bottoms, it is able to move very heavy loads. At the beginning of this century it was in extinction danger, but it revived, and at the moment, like to the Bernés, he/she is used to throw of shopping carts loaded with milky products. Many members of this race have also been used for search works and rescue, especially to find, people and objects lost in the mountains. 
Character and taken care   
The Swiss Dog of Great mountain is a faithful and kind animal, to which he generally loves children. It is always alert, it is very intelligent and it can be a good guardian dog, desirous of protecting to their human family with their life. It is in essence a dog for the field to which delight him the wide and open spaces, he/she needs a lot of exercise. It requires brushing to regulate with a brush of natural sow.

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