Dog of mountain of the Pyrenees

The dog of mountain of the Pyrenees probably arose in Asia before finding the road toward Europe thanks to the immigrants. Their nearer relatives are the Kuvasz and the Newfoundland, to which can have contributed genetically. This race has been used during centuries to keep flocks in the Pyrenees, between France and Spain, and for all France. It was very appreciated in the French court before the Revolution. A standard was approved for this race by the middle of the years 60. 
Character and taken care   
The Shepherd from the Pyrenees can be had in the interior or in the exterior, breastplate should be well trained. It is very strong, and I have been witness of one or two small incidents of aggressiveness when some youths hit in the head to a mountain of the Pyrenees ignored in exhibitions. Generally, anyway, he/she has a good nature, it is taken well with other company animals and it is a faithful one protective. Whenever you have the enough space, food and time for the exercise and regular brushing, the mountain of the Pyrenees will be a good partner and/or exhibition dog.

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