dog of mountain of Star

The dog of mountain of Star, well-known as Portuguese mountain Dog or (Cao da Serra da Estrela), it arose many centuries ago in the mountains of Estrela in the center of Portugal. He/she was raised as dog shepherd and he/she has in their development something of Mastiff, and of San Bernardo, to which looks like each other a little. It has always been popular in their origin country, Portugal, where he/she is still used as guardian dog. The standard was published there for the first time in 1933. It was introduced initially in the United Kingdom in 1974, where it is exhibited in the big exhibitions 
Character and taken care   
The Dog of mountain of Star is an excellent guardian, with a lot of resistance. It is very faithful and affectionate with their owners but indifferent with the rest of people. It is said that this intelligent animal needs a great quantity of love and a firm and kind hand. He/she needs a lot of exercise, brushing to regulate and a slight diet that should be commented with the breeder in the moment of the purchase. 

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