Mountain dog Bernés

The mountain Dog Bernés or Sennenhund bernés call this way herself for their habitat in the canton of Berne, in Switzerland, to where it arrived with Caesar's troops and it was raised starting from then. The same as other Swiss mountain dogs, as the Great Swiss, he/she has characteristic of Mastiff. It is believed that it descends of the Molossus of the old Greece and Rome, with something of blood Rottweiler, San Bernardo and discernible Newfoundland in their ancestors. The Bernés has worked as shepherd and guardian of flocks in its origin country, and it is still used to throw of the shopping carts of the milk in the Swiss mountains. In Great Britain a mockery of its abilities is made, many times with harness, in parties and similar events to get money for charity. This dog, big and kind, has won popularity little by little in U.S and Great Britain in the last years, as much as company animal like it stops exhibitions, and it is popular for all Europe. 
Character and taken care   
The Dog of mountain bernés is since a good company animal for those that have the enough space, it is kind with the children and other company animals. He/she needs a brushing regular and a lot of exercise. 

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