Montain dog Appenzell

The Appenzell (Appenzeller Sennenhund) he/she takes their canton name in the north of Switzerland. It is one of the four dogs of Swiss mon­taña, the other ones are the Entlebuch, the Great Swiss, and it is but well-known internationally, the bernés. The Appenzell is seemed apparently to the bernés but in general it is smaller, in a more rectangular way and of soft mantel. As all the Swiss mountain dogs, it is believed that it descends of the Molossus of the old Rome, taken to the north by the soldiers Roman invaders, and crossed there with dogs shepherds. The Appenzell was used during a time like dog shepherd and to take cars of products to the market. It is still quite common in their origin country where there is a flourishing Society of the Appenzell, but he/she is rarely seen in other countries. 
Character and taken care   
An intelligent and resistant dog to which trains with easiness, the adaptive Appenzell can be good for the farm or the rescue, as partner and guardian. He/she needs a lot of food and exercise and brushing to newspaper.


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