Japanese Fight Dog

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The Japanese fight Dog or Cough it was raised during the period Meiji (1867 -1912),~cuando the fights of dogs were a sport, with spectators, popular in Japan. They crossed local fight dogs with English Bulldog, Bull English Terrier, San Bernardo and Great Danish, for this way to increase the height, it forces and ferocity, and to take place to this enormous, strong and, even this way, agile dog. He/she took their name of Shikoku he/she Coughs in the island Japanese dc, and he/she interpreted partner's papers and guardian when you ilegalizaron the fights of. dogs in Japan. It will fight until the death and he/she still has the reputation of continuing participating in illegal fights in Japan. 
Character and cares 
He Coughs it can be ferocious with other dogs and he/she needs a hand with experience, but it is valiant, patient and protective of their human family. For their past aggressive, a lot of people he/she spreads to look at it with caution and their reproduction is not allowed in the United Kingdom. It should be cleaned with a brush of natural sow and a mitten for dogs.

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