Dog of Canaan

The Dog of Canaan is a race it would originate of Israel, of which one says that it was developed through the selective upbringing with dogs semi-wild Pariahs of half East. Good guardian and protective of the livestock, the Canaan has also proven its it was worth as guardian and messenger of the I exercise Israeli. Other uses have been as guide for blind and I eat search dog and rescue. There are two varieties of Dog of Canaan, a similar one to the Collie and another to the Dingo, although the second have a heavier constitution. 
Character and taken care   
The Canaan is a dog that is always alert, he/she loves the home and it is faithful to its family. He/she distrusts of the strangers and he/she will keep happy to the humans and animals that are commended, fighting if he/she is ordered. He/she needs a regular toilet with brush and comb.

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