Portuguese dog of Waters

The Portuguese Dog of water (Cao d'Agua) it was a family vision once in the ports of fishing of the whole peninsula. Iberian, and he/she is still found commonly in the region of the Algarve, in Portugal. It is fisherman's dog, a swimmer with a lot of resistance, and it carries out a great variety of tasks. He/she will keep the fishing, he/she will swim among the ships, and it will be thrown and it will pick up fish or objects that they are had broth by the overboard. He/she is also a good hunter of rabbits. There are two different varieties in this race, one with a long, brilliant and wavy mantel; and the other one with a more short, more thick, and curly mantel, but their constitution is the same one. Although the Portuguese Dog of waters before was not outside of his origin country, at the moment he is a regular competitor in the ring in Great Britain and in other places, and an attractive exhibition dog. Character and taken care   
Of this dog, intelligent and strong, it is said that he/she has own will but that it is obedient to their owner, and somehow suspicious with the strangers. It is so good swiming as diving, he/she needs a lot of exercise and a hairstyle and regular brushing. For the exhibition, he/she is clipped the mantel of the fourth bottoms from the last rib, and two thirds of  la line. 

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