The Dalmatian taking their name of Dalmatia in the Adriatic coast, but it was in England where the strange one modern he/she settled down definitively. We would continue with the look when it passed a carriage of the British aristocracy with an elegant one Dalmatian jogging with the horses. The race continues having likeness with the horses and it would prove its it was worth as hunter of rats in the stables. Generally, however, the Dalmatian one current one simply has as company animal and of exhibition. Although it was already popular in they Pray Britain, the registrations of Dalmatian bent after the filming in 1959 of the book of Dodie Smith, 101 Dalmatian. The race received another important push in 1978 when the Champion Fanhul Fauna of Mrs. E. J. Woodyatt got the best prize in the Sample in the Crufts, in London. The friendly character of the race and their elegant appearance have made it popular, as company animal and dog for exhibitions, all over the world. 
Character and taken care   
This affectionate and vigorous dog becomes the favorite of the family at once. He/she needs a lot of exercise and a daily brushing but it spreads to loose white hair, what doesn't make to the strange one appropriate for those that want to always have the house impeccable. Nevertheless, their intelligence and balanced character should compensate this small failure.

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